Melissa Cantos – Aesthetic RN & Injector

Melissa’s nursing career began in 2004.  She worked with Oncology and hospice patients for several years.  Although she enjoyed helping her patients, getting to know them and listening to so many motivating and humbling stories, she was ready for a change a few years ago and that is when she fell in love with aesthetics.  The field captivated her and stole her mind and heart when she was able to create and enhance beauty in someone.  It is always a beautiful and a fulfilling moment for her when her clients walk in and she is able to see their beauty and enhance those features by creating balance, symmetry, or contour. Clients to her are all beautiful, but they don’t always see what she sees.  It is her goal to bring out their beauty and have them walk out of the office feeling beautiful.  The gratification and passion that aesthetic medicine gives is something that keeps her exploring new and upcoming avenues of the aesthetic world.  The field is evolving daily and it is so fascinating.