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Personalized skincare therapy for our most important

Us…Personalized skincare therapy for our most important customer……you: Gorgeous and vibrant skin is for every individual and thankfully we have multiple modalities and skin therapies to make that possible. Over 26 years of experience in the aesthetic & beauty industry lends us the expertise & “Guru” status to personalize ANY skin care program necessary. Our arsenal includes skin & body tightening, dermal skin renewal, customized exfoliations, clinical facials, chemical peels, microcurrent facial & body rejuvenation, oxygen skin infusion, light therapy, ultrasonic lifting, makeup & brow design and microdermabrasion. Basically, we design the skin you want! Our philosophy is to polish you to let your sparkle shine through!

Michelle Kauffman

Dr. Linda Hillebrand

Dr. Linda Hillebrand, owner of Polished Rx Skin Couture Inc., specializes in helping women and men suffering from the symptoms of aging and other hormone imbalances achieve a longer, better life. Using customized wellness programs tailored to address each patient’s specific, personal needs, Dr. Hillebrand combines customized nutrition and fitness regimens, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, stress reduction techniques and natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to ensure her patients enjoy restored energy, improved mental clarity and the highest quality of life possible.

Dr. Hillebrand originally pursued a career in medicine, as an OB/GYN, with the hopes of truly helping others and giving back. She found the joy in practicing medicine was spending time with her patients, learning about their lives and how it impacted their health and helping them truly get to the root of the issue. Transitioning to functional medicine afforded her that opportunity. Today, she gets to spend up to an hour consulting with her patients and helping them live longer, healthier, higher quality lives.

Dr. Hillebrand is a walking testimonial of what you can achieve when good health is your goal. She has been a middle distance runner for much of her life, finding trail runs to bring her the greatest joy. However, trail running comes with its own dangers, so just three years ago, Dr. Hillebrand began sprinting and is, in April 2013, ranked as the fastest in the country in her age group.

Dr. Linda Hillebrand is a graduate of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pomona, California. She completed her internship at the San Bernardino County Medical Center in 1997 and her residency as an OB/GYN at Temple University Hospital in 2001. She also holds specialty certifications in IV Nutritional and Chelation Therapy. Dr. Hillebrand is an active fellow of the Fellowship of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Board Certifications, Associations and Training:

  • Member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Extensive training in anti-aging provided by the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Osteopathic Medical Board of California
  • Diplomate American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Michelle Kauffman – Executive Director & Skin Guru

After 26 years in the professional aesthetic industry, Michelle has acquired the most innovative and result oriented treatments available. Her experience encompasses National Sales Manager and Educator for world renown cosmeceutical companies, R & D for product development for leading international skincare companies owner of a sought after consulting company for medical & esthetic practices for nearly 10 years, as well as clinical aesthetician and professional markup artist for various runway and commercial projects. Michelle prides herself in providing superb treatments with the only optimal results available so that each and every client receives the best that the professional aesthetic industry has to offer.

CIDESCO trained and certified, Michelle also carries extensive certifications including: Dermapen Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, Cosmelan Depigmentation System, Microcurrent Facial & Body Toning, Oxygen Skin Infusion, RF Skin Tightening, Ultrasonic Lifting & Infusion, Chinese Diagnosis of the Skin, Reflexology,UCLA Extension courses on Cosmetic Ingredients, custom Body Exfoliation and Slimming Wraps, Microdermabrasion & Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion and many more. As a leading trainer in her field, she believes ongoing training for the staff at Polished Rx Skin Couture delivers what the clients truly want and deserve…….RESULTS.

Chandra Bredel – Assistant Manager, LE, CASBI

Chandra Bredel, licensed aesthetician, is the former Director of Education for several top luxury brands in the US. She has traveled the world as a product development consultant, educator and speaker, sharing her knowledge of ingredient technology, with a special emphasis on how ingredients impact the structure and function of skin.

Chandra has more than 35 years of being a “geek 4 beauty”, with 20 of those years gaining experience in the beauty and wellness industries where she has held the position of makeup artist, spa owner, educator, product formulator, consultant, director, patient care coordinator, aesthetician and body therapist; where she honed and developed results driven products, successful treatment protocols and results required for opening and operating a successful skin care center for top skin care brands, resort spas, spas, doctors, and entrepreneurs alike.

We are very happy to have Chandra join the Polished Rx team to continue cultivating the ongoing education, developing superb treatment programs, as well as sharing her vast knowledge with all of our clients!

Agnes Lech Laser & Injectable RN

Agnes has many years of nursing experience in NICU and women’s health. She has worked with top plastic surgeons in Orange County, specializing in cosmetic and physical rejuvenation. Possessing a natural talent, the most nurturing patient care and touch, she is a true asset to the team at Polished Rx Skin Couture. Agnes help you achieve a look that is both natural and youthful simultaneously!

Caroline Greenberg – Cosmetic RN & InMode Laser Trainer

Caroline has over 10 years of medical esthetic experience. After operating her own medical spa, SKINovative Laser Center, in Sacramento for nearly 9 years, she recently relocated to the beautiful Laguna Beach.

Caroline has a passion for the esthetic industry and is always looking to learn all of the most advanced technologies, as well as treatment techniques available, she has recently joined InMode Laser Technologies to become of their leading Laser Trainings in the United States.

Jitka Zavilodova – Laser and Injectable RN

With nearly 20 years of medical experience, Jitka brings the most vast experience to RN team at Polished Rx Skin Couture. Sitka has worked with some of the most respected and talented plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills that translates to a skill set and bed side manner that instantly makes everyone feel comfortable in her care. Jitka has worked with some of the top lasers and procedure available in the medical esthetics industry, including: ablative lasers, RF skin tightening, IPL, PRP, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Removal, advanced combinations of various fillers for a true, yet natural, instant face lift! We are delighted to have Jitka as part of our team.

Melanie Diaz – Laser and Injectable RN

Melanie brings a true natural talent to the RN team at Polished Rx Skin Couture. It isn’t often we see a talent like Melanie’s that is so effortless and natural. She can literally rejuvenate you within minutes and have everyone wanting to know how you look so good. Melanie truly passionate about medical esthetics, aside from RF Skin Tightening, IPL, Laser Vein Removal and Laser Hair Removal, Melanie also performs microdneedling and chemical peels. There isn’t much about the medical esthetics profession she doesn’t love. That in combination with her astute talent for injectables, Melanie is a perfect addition to the Polished Rx Skin Couture Team.

Patricia Dellorusso Laser and Injectable RN & Advanced Injectable Trainer

Patricia has over 15 years of medical esthetics experience and is a sought after injectable trainer by the top medical esthetic practices, RN’s and physicians. Her astute eye and vast knowledge enable her to intuitively provide any laser and injectable procedure seamlessly and with precision, as well as immediate results. Our patients love her!

Tina Martinez – Lead Esthetician

With over 15 years of experience, I love everything about the medical spa industry. I am proficient in facial and body waxing, chemical peels, derma planing clinical facials, LED Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion & more. You are in the right hands with me! I am happy to be part of the Polished Rx Skin Couture team, come see me for your skincare needs and I will take care of you!

Anna McCue – Clinical Esthetician

Anna has an exceptional natural talent that is instrumental to the clients at Polished Rx Skin Couture. Her intuitiveness in creating an optimal skincare program is optimal for all of our clients! Exceptional with Clinical Facials, Makeup Artistry, Waxing and complex skin conditions, as well as being a seasoned Graphic Designer, you ay see her design talents in some of the marketing pieces at Polished! Anna is obviosuly a true asset to the team at Polished Rx.

Nikki Bradshaw – Esthetician & Reiki Master

With more then 25 years in the esthetic and beauty field, Nikki brings a culmination of many diverse talents to Polished Rx Skin Couture.

Nikki is not only a clinical esthetician, but also a massage therapist, professional makeup artist for the film & television industry, but also believes in holistic and natural remedies to create harmony in both body and mind.

Nikki has also been an educator for other esthetic and beauty professionals, proving to be a real leader in her field with her ability to inspire others, while always striving to learn the latest therapies available.

At Polished Rx Skin Couture, Nicole focuses on creating a serene and therapeutic environment while providing products and serious skin treatments that deliver visible results!

Ava Mraz – Spa Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Ava possesses a creative talent for the aesthetic industry. She is a full time student at FIDM in Los Angeles and loves working a personable work atmosphere where she can help others. In addition, Ava possesses 4 years of experience in social media marketing for Up Creative Inc. and brings that unique expertise to the talent pool at Polished Rx Skin Couture so that our clients are always in the know. She strives to ensure every client attended to in a personalized and caring manner, so that they know that each and every one of them is important to us.

Alicia Iglesias – Physician Assistant

With over 25 years as a physician in South America and Physician Assistant in California, Alicia has a wealth of knowledge, not only pertaining to health issues, but advanced esthetic options as well. Alicia specialized in weight loss, PRP Hair Restoration, injectables, lasers and more. She is always training on the most innovative treatment options for health, both inside and out, to help others obtain optimal wellbeing.

Monique Narez – Esthetician & Massage Therapist

Monique brings a blissful combination of skills to Polished Rx Skin Couture. As a seasoned esthetician and massage therapist, Monique can help put your body at ease, while simultaneously addressing all of your skincare needs. In addition, Monique has vast experience managing a chain of restaurants, servicing the San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County residents. Her customer service is stellar and your experience with her will be nothing less then superb. She has an innate ability to make every client that visits us comfortable, invited and cared for.

Daniela Fowler – Spa Coordinator

Daniela brings several years of customer service experience, in addition to her passion for the wellbeing and care of children as well as her aptitude for physical fitness. Her unique combination of talents makes her the perfect fit in this family oriented environment of fitness at Executive Fitness and personal care at Polished Rx Skin Couture, where we pride ourselves on being family oriented and part of the community. Daniela is a student currently at Cal State Long Beach and is enjoying her time with us at Polished Rx Skin Couture, we are grateful to have her!

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