Dr. Iman Bar – Owner & Regenerative Medicine Director

Dr. Iman Bar – Owner & Regenerative Medicine Director

Regenerative medicine is the wave of the future for maximizing optimal health in a natural and healthy way. And that is exactly what Dr. Iman Bar’s focus is all about. Feel good & look good. You cannot truly have one without the other.

Who is Dr. Bar?

Dr. Iman Bar completed her fellowship from Emory University in 1990 and went on to pursue regenerative medicine after 20 years of practicing pediatric, women’s health, degenerative health, as well as COVID health related complications. Her passion for optimal health has led her to pursue additional certifications in holistic & herbal medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine, as well as integrative medicine. She has received honorary recognition from the city of Costa Mesa, Top Doctors Award from the American Medical Association, as well as awarded Honorary Recognition by Newport Mayor in 2005.

Want to feel & look good? Dr. Bar and the team at Polished Rx have solutions designed to deliver results for each and every individual. YOU